The Best Group Fitness Classes for Beginners from our Fitness Experts!


One of the most fun ways to get fit is to try out Group Fitness classes. You get to meet other members and you can take advantage of the expertise of our fitness professionals while breaking a sweat or toning up.

If you’ve never tried a Group Fitness class and have focused on just cardio or weight machines, make 2016 the year you try something different. 

We asked two of our Fitness Experts, Tannaz from our Studio City club and Larissa from our Westlake Village club, which classes they would recommend for members just starting out.  Here’s what they shared. 

Tannaz’s Recommendations*:
If you’re at the Beginner level or an Intermediate level and have never tried any Group Fitness classes, I would recommend our Dance It Out, Body Blast or Yoga classes. 

  • Dance It Out (DIO) is a fun way to incorporate cardio as well as increase cardio vascular stamina while still having a fun workout.
  • Our Body Blast classes provide you with a full body workout. It’s great for those that are not familiar with weight training. This class not only targets upper and lower muscles, but it also helps engage your core.
  • Lastly, our Yoga classes are some of our most popular classes. They help increase range of motion, as well as engaging your core.

Larissa’s Recommendations*:
My recommendations include Ball Blast, Body Blast and Silver Fit Classes. 

  • Ball Blast is all about strength training; using a stability ball, you’ll work your core, but also work on your balance. I’ve received a ton of great feedback from members who’ve taken this class before.
  • One of our most popular classes is our Body Blast class. It’s a full body workout that uses weights while improving your cardio endurance.
  • Our Silver Fit classes are a slower paced class that focuses on balance, cardio and stretching and is really an ideal class for beginners.

No matter what level you are at, don’t be afraid to try any of our classes. You can go at your own pace in most of our classes, and our instructors are there to help you. After all, our clubs are designed for women! Click here to find your club’s Group Fitness schedule.

* Please note that not all Total Woman clubs offer the same classes. Check with your club's Fitness Manager for the best options on classes for Beginners!